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Wear not only causes your company considerable expense, it can also lead to situations that are dangerous or threaten the environment. To prevent or reduce wear to an acceptable level, it's essential to diagnose the type of wear in question, and what causes It.

Types of wear

There are many types of wear. The animations above clearly show how different types of wear occur. Every form of wear requires a unique approach. Besides looking at how the wear occurs, it's important to consider the part subject to wear. What is this part used for? And what substances or materials does this part come into contact with? This can affect the type of wear control we recommend.


Controlling wear

At Sietzema Techniek, we specialize in controlling wear. We do this by applying a functional coating with specific properties to the part. This coating can be made of a range of materials, such as tungsten carbides, chromium carbides, ceramics, chrome steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Stellite, aluminium bronze, and Babbitt (white metal). We can apply these metals to the part that requires treatment using various techniques, including thermal spraying, cladding, and conventional welding.


Wear and repair of parts

Unfortunately, we can never prevent wear completely, but we can rebuild a damaged part. Treating the part with one of our techniques prevents it from wearing out again quickly. We aim to create a longer lifespan than the original part by applying a special coating. This limits downtime for your machines, and reduces your maintenance costs. Would you like to know more about how we can also reduce wear and tear on your machinery? Feel free to contact us!


Manufacture of new spare parts in case of wear

Sometimes, a machine part is no longer available. We can also help you in these situations! We can make entirely new parts to replace a worn machine part. We look at the original part, and make sure that the new part meets all the requirements. We also make sure, during manufacture, that these parts have maximum resistance to the potential types of wear to which they are subject. Would you like to know more about the manufacture of new parts? Take a look at our spare parts page or contact us directly!