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HP-HVOF spraying

HP-HVOF spraying

HP-HVOF stands for High Pressure - High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel spraying. HP-HVOF spraying uses a mixture of fuel with oxygen. This mixture is ignited. With a special nozzle, the gas flow accelerates to a very high speed of approx. 2200 m/s. We then add the powder of the desired material. The injected powder reaches a speed of 800-1000 m/s. The impact of the melted powder particles on the substrate creates a coating that makes the part less susceptible to various forms of wear and corrosion.


Environmentally conscious HP-HVOF spraying

HP-HVOF spraying can be done with different fuel types such as kerosene, gas, and ethanol. Sietzema Techniek has been spraying with an ethanol-fired gun since 2020. The so-called eGun is a modern kerosene JP-gun with many advantages compared to traditional guns. The flame is clearer, needs less cooling power, and needs less oxygen for optimal combustion. Using this HP-HVOF gun powered by ethanol is environmentally friendly because the fuel is a 100% natural product. This gun provides a perfect protective layer in a CO2 reducing way and emits 30% less toxic substances than traditional fuels.


HP-HVOF spraying features

HP-HVOF spraying is applied to prevent wear on parts such as shaft sleeves, wear bushes, plungers, or hydraulic piston rods. These forms of wear can be abrasive wear, corrosion, or heat that the parts have to deal with. Often combinations of these types of wear occur. The characteristics of HP-HVOF sprayed coatings ensures more uptime and efficiency of parts and machines. The thermal spraying method is characterised by:

  • Fine microstructure
  • Very dense coatings, low porosity
  • High bond strength
  • Very smooth post-processing
  • Optimal micro-hardness
  • Good corrosion properties
  • Excellent for hard metals (carbide coatings)
  • Low oxidation degree
  • Possible coatings for HP-HVOF spraying


Possible coatings for HP-HVOF spraying

During HP-HVOF spraying, powder particles are added to the gun. The material of these powder particles depends on the application. We can also combine different powders to create the ideal composition for your coating. The materials we offer are;

  • Carbide materials (carbide, tungsten carbide, chromium carbide)
  • Hard Chrome Replacements (HCR - Hard Chrome Replacement)
  • Inconel, Hastelloy, Stellite, Colmonoy
  • Cermets

Project: propeller shaft liner for propulsion

Propeller shaft liners are used in propulsion for the propeller shaft sealing of ships. We have manufactured a propeller shaft liner for use on ships sailing on the Wadden Sea for this project. The base material of the original part couldn’t withstand the extensive contact with seawater and sand, causing abrasive wear and corrosion. That is why we provided the new part with a coating using HP-HVOF spraying. Read all about this project here.


Is HP-HVOF spraying the right solution for you?

Not sure if HP-HVOF spraying is the best solution for you? In addition to HP-HVOF spraying, we also offer other techniques for thermal spraying, such as electric wire spraying, oxy-fuel powder spraying and oxy-fuel wire and rod spraying. We are happy to help you make the best choice. Please feel free to contact us for more information.