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Combustion wire and rod spraying

Combustion wire and rod spraying

Combustion wire and rod spraying owe their name to the way in which the material is transported through the spray gun. The wire is melted centrally in the spray gun using a burning gas-oxygen mixture. The molten material is sprayed onto the part at high-speed using compressed air. For example, a wear-resistant coating is applied that increases the part's service life.


Characteristics of combustion wire and rod spraying

Combustion wire and rod spraying can be the solution in various situations. For example, in addition to making a part wear-resistant, it’s also used to create a firmer grip or restore the part's size. A molybdenum layer is often used to apply a self-lubricating layer to the part. The main features of this spraying technique are:

    • Microporous lamellar structure, self-lubricating
    • Good compressive strength
    • Versatile and choice in materials
    • Few tensions in the coating, making thick layers possible


Possible coatings for combustion wire and rod spraying

With combustion wire and rod spraying, you can use many different materials such as molybdenum, nickel-based materials, babbitt/white metal (bearing material), tin, copper, zinc, and ceramic materials such as chromium oxide, aluminium oxide, titanium dioxide and zirconium oxide. What makes this way of thermal spraying unique is the possibility to spray the coating in thick layers. 2mm thick ceramic coatings are no exception. Would you like to know more about a specific material? View the detailed information about the materials.


Is combustion wire and rod spraying the solution for you?

A wear-resistant part is guaranteed with this technique. But is combustion wire and rod spraying the best technique for your part? On our website, you will find more information about other techniques in the field of thermal spraying, such as HP-HVOF spraying, combustion powder spraying or electric wire spraying. Would you prefer personal advice? We are happy to help you with that. Our specialist Siebe Sietzema can provide you with tailor-made advice.