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Wear control solutions

Sietzema Techniek is your expert in wear control of spare parts and wear parts, and the application of functional coatings. We use various techniques, including thermal spraying, laser cladding, PTA cladding, and conventional welding. We also choose the right materials based on use and requirements.

Do you want to know what would be the best solution for your application? Feel free to contact us to discuss your situation. We'll gladly advise you about your specific application.

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The purpose of wear control on new parts is to prevent wear. We use the same technology with replacement parts and when rebuilding used parts. Wear control is beneficial in reducing CO2 emissions, and boosting sustainability and the circular economy: essential themes in manufacturing.


Thermal spraying, also known as flame spraying, involves melting a metallic or ceramic material in wire or powder form, and spraying it onto a surface. This creates a high-performance coating. Thermal spraying is used preventively for new parts and when rebuilding parts.



Laser cladding and PTA cladding are often used for preventive wear control and when rebuilding broken parts. Cladding involves coating a part with a wear-resistant and/or corrosion-resistant material. The difference with thermal spraying is the bonding; it forms a metallurgical bond with the cladded surface.


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Conventional welding

Conventional welding, such as MIG, TIG, and autogenous welding[ET21] , offers various possibilities. We use MIG, TIG and autogenous materials to weld diverse materials. Sietzema Techniek has acquired many years of experience with each of these techniques.

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Machine processes

Sietzema Techniek has a fully equipped machine factory for manufacturing and processing machine components. We're specialized in processing wear-resistant coatings with our heavy-duty grinders [ET21] and other machinery. We manufacture complete OEM parts on CNC machines, both large series and single pieces.

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Functional coatings

Sietzema Techniek is experienced in applying functional coatings. These top layers improve specific properties of the base material. Coatings are applied for the preventive protection of spare parts and wear parts against wear. We only select high-quality additives for all our functional coatings. Our specialists are experts in their field, and will gladly advise you on suitable coatings for your situation.