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Propeller shaft liner for shipping
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Propeller shaft liner for shipping

Propeller shaft liners are used in shipping to seal ships’ propeller shafts. The propeller shaft liner that we make is used by utility vessels on the Wadden Sea. The part comes into contact with seawater and sand, which causes abrasive wear and corrosion.

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The basic material of the original part was unsuitable for overhaul, so we made a new propeller shaft liner using the original part as a model, and provided it with a protective coating.

We selected tungsten carbide material as a coating, which is applied by HP-HVOF spraying. In this process, fine powder particles of the chosen coating material are heated and sprayed onto the part at an extremely high speed (up to 1,000 m/s).

This coating has vastly improved the tool life of the propeller shaft seal, consequently extending the service intervals and saving our customer the considerable expense and time normally required to overhaul and maintain this part.

This project summarized:

  • Wear: abrasive wear and corrosion
  • Medium: seawater with a lot of sand (Wadden Sea)
  • Coating: Tungsten Carbide
  • Process: HP-HVOF eGun