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Babbitt (white metal) coating

Babbitt (white metal) coating

Babbitt coatings (white metal) on a tin basis are often used to produce high-quality babbitt layers in bearing shells, slideways and other plain bearing applications.


Relative to conventional babbitt casting, spraying these layers offers several advantages

  • The workpiece doesn’t need to be tinned, optimum adhesion is obtained on cast iron, steel and bronze.
  • No dovetail joints or special entrapments are required to obtain a proper bond.
  • The layer thickness can often be kept to a minimum.
  • If thick layers are required, a buffer layer of aluminium bronze can be applied, this buffer layer also functions as an emergency bearing surface.
  • Sprayed babbitt layers have a very even structure, there is no chance of inclusions or casting holes so that a constant high wear and pressure resistance is obtained.
  • Due the micro-pores the sprayed babbitt layers are ‘self-lubricating.



  •  Low coefficient of friction
  • High wear and compression resistance
  • Aluminium bronze coating as buffer layer for emergency bearing surface is possible


  • Bearing shells (Slide bearings)
  • Guideways