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About us

Sietzema Techniek has been a specialist partner for machine builders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of spare parts and wear parts for over 20 years. Our experts rely on their knowledge of technology, materials, and applications for new parts, modifications, and repairs. By applying the right functional coating, we prolong the service life of wear parts, increasing the quality, reliability and durability of the part. And, of course, this improves the efficiency of a machine, so Sietzema Techniek saves the end-user both time and money.

Drive for outstanding quality

The enthusiasm, flexibility, and craftsmanship of our employees result in high-quality products and solutions. As a team, we're constantly looking for the best solution for each specific wear problem. This is what makes Sietzema Techniek different: we're a small team of specialists with the utmost determination to deliver top quality for our customers. The spare parts and wear parts that we supply make a world of difference to them!

Just-in-time delivery

What makes Sietzema Techniek's approach unique is our speed and flexibility. We look at a wear part from the customer's point of view, and in specific cases provide just-in-time delivery. This is made possible by our unique working method. We enter into sustainable partnerships with suppliers and customers in the chain, which maximises quality and delivery reliability. Thanks to this approach, our customers can count on the highest-quality spare parts and wear parts with long service life. This applies to new parts, servicing, and repairs.

A small team, short lines, and expert people on hand.